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Matt's Pencil Brush Set for Photoshop

Matt's Pencil Brush Set for Photoshop

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You'll get a library of 25 pressure sensitive, realistic pencil brushes for Adobe Photoshop. They are based on actual graphite pencil strokes, created on quality sketching paper, scanned and tweaked to perfection. I designed them to emulate soft pencil, hard pencil, fine pencil, wide carpenters pencil as well scumbling and shading and cross hatching effects.

I draw a lot traditionally and wanted to recreate the feel and texture of my real pencils. These brushes were created with pencil and photographed textures such as concrete, metal, paint, paper, fabric, skin, glass, rocks, gravel, foliage, scratches and various noise to create a diverse and functional brush set.

Also included is an installation guide and sample sheets for my other brush sets.

I intended these bespoke brushes for Sketching, Graphic Design, Concept Art, Matte Painting, Storyboarding and Digital Art.

Questions, issues or suggestions? Get in touch.

Enjoy! Matt H

Created in Adobe Photoshop CC

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Brushes are easy to install. Watch the video above to see the process.