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Matt's Ink Brush Set for Photoshop

Matt's Ink Brush Set for Photoshop

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You'll get a library of 25 pressure sensitive, ink style brushes for Adobe Photoshop.
(24 x Ink, 1 x Sketch Pencil)

They are based on actual ink brush strokes, created on quality watercolour paper, scanned and tweaked to perfection. I designed them to emulate my traditional ink sketching style with a few more textures as well.

I draw a lot traditionally and wanted to recreate the look and feel of my ink artworks digitally. These brushes were created with ink to create a diverse and functional brush set.

I intended these bespoke brushes for Sketching, Graphic Design, Concept Art, Matte Painting, Storyboarding and Digital Art.

Questions, issues or suggestions? Get in touch.

Enjoy! Matt H

Created in Adobe Photoshop CC

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Brushes are easy to install. Watch the video above to see the process.